Automatic watering the garden

When designing your own yard, it is worth bearing in mind that when planting grass, trees, shrubs. And flowers should be used daily and conscientiously watered and cultivated. That is why in recent times it has been noticed that more and more people use the garden arrangement design. Thanks to experts, you can create a garden arrangement tailored to your needs, plot conditions and preferences. The designers also suggest what plants to choose for arranging small gardens and which ones to garden on the slope.

Such garden arrangements are made by companies that specialize in garden design. And at the same time their implementation.

Garden irrigation system

The traditional way of watering, more and more often by other equipment. It is most often replaced by an automatic irrigation system. This solution is not cheap, but it has many advantages.

In the case of an automatic irrigation system, the garden is watered using sprinklers. And also micro sprinklers or drip lines, selected for the type of vegetation. Their work is managed by a programmed controller. This solution has the following advantages:

  • the system does not require any maintenance. Thanks to this, it saves time that we would have to spend on watering the garden;
  • the controller gives us the opportunity to irrigate plants at the most appropriate times. Such as from 01:00 to 05:00 in the morning, when the evaporation of water is the smallest;
  • enables rational use of water, up to 50% smaller. In relation to traditional watering. The system can be programmed to dose the right amount of water to the plants.

The automatic irrigation system is best fitted before we set up a garden. The underground part of the installation? after carrying out earthworks, and before starting construction works. We install the above-ground part of the system after planting the plants and setting up the lawn.

The design and installation of the automatic irrigation system are quite complicated. In order to avoid mistakes, these works should be outsourced to specialists.

If the assembly is ordered in a professional company, we will receive a guarantee for the operation of the installation. And we can also count on professional service and free system preparation for winter in the first year. We will probably pay nothing for the project if we order it in the same company. Where we can buy components for automatic irrigation.

Automatically watered grass

Watering the garden has recently become too time-consuming and boring. Most often all neighbors then water the gardens at the same time. Which causes large drops in water pressure in the water supply network and extends the time of watering. That is why it is worth setting up a central irrigation system.

This solution will facilitate the care of the garden. Such irrigation is started manually or automatically. If the irrigation system is equipped with a standby controller. On turning on and off subsequent watering lines. And the length of watering, free yourself from the need for personal watering.