Control of blinds

Do you dream of a flat that meets your expectations from every angle? Smart home systems will bring you closer to the ideal. Assuming automatic blinds? you will ensure yourself the comfort of using electrical installations. This applies not only to lighting or heating, but also to regulating the level of leaving blinds or blinds.

External blinds have many important functions. They are not only excellent protection against weather conditions, but also suppress noise. And they even help to secure the apartment from the attack of the thief.

How to choose the right blind for the home? Below, I will tell you what to look for.

Home blinds

In many apartments and houses, external blinds are being installed more and more often. And that’s because they work more effectively than ordinary curtains or shutters.

The weather during the year can be very changeable. Therefore, the basic function of external blinds is to protect your home against various weather conditions. Above all, they protect us from the sun, wind, rain and snow.

  • In the summer, when the rooms get very hot, we can keep the temperature at a few degrees lower than outside by installing the shutters in the house;
  • In the winter, abandoned blinds help us to reduce the heat escape at home, creating an additional thermal insulation barrier.

In addition, blinds can provide sound insulation. They can clearly reduce the level of sounds coming to the apartment from the outside. Exterior blinds are a great choice for people living near busy streets.

Another very important function of blinds is protection against thieves. They are a strong and aesthetic surface, which is resistant to impacts and protects the windows against burglary. These blinds can also be equipped with additional security elements. Such as locking hangers that make it difficult to raise the armor.

Various types of external blinds are available on the market. We can divide them because of the way they are assembled.

  • In newly built buildings it is worth taking into account the blinds at the design stage. The box in which the blind is hidden can then be hidden in the lintel of the window opening;
  • In existing buildings, boxes are mounted directly above the window to the façade.

Most blinds are exposed by hand, but there are also electrically operated shutters. It is a solution used mainly in the case of external blinds. It is extremely comfortable, because external blinds can be quite heavy. Some blinds are equipped with a system that allows you to leave or raise all blinds at the same time.

Automatic blind control

In recent times it has been noticed that automatic blinds have already become a standard. Fitting blinds with a drive means that you will not have to bother yourself with their manual opening and closing. They provide convenience, make it easier to save energy and improve the effectiveness of anti-burglary protection.

We divide the control into two basic types:

  • Wired control? as the name suggests, it requires electrical installation between the roller shutter switch and its motor. Blinds are operated by means of wall-mounted, simple key switches. Or more advanced switches with a built-in timer;
  • Radio control? in this case, the blind is operated by means of transmitters. These are devices that transmit signals to the engine remotely, via radio waves.

Controlling blinds and blinds using radio waves gives you unlimited possibilities. First of all, it is suitable for installation in systems that are already finished and plastered. You do not have to carry additional wiring and break through to these wires under the wall. At the same time, however, you also have the option of using a roller shutter and blind control system. Depending on the selected installation components.

A special remote control or switch will allow you to change the position of blinds and blinds with just one hand movement.

The control of blinds and blinds is also possible through electronic devices. Such as a smartphone or tablet. All you need is a controller that allows you to transfer the signal to your phone.

This solution will certainly be appreciated by people who go to sleep or work at home. Then one button will allow you to change their setting and adjust to your own needs.

Controlling roller blinds helps to significantly increase the level of security of your home, office or other public buildings. Controlling the blinds allows you to set the position of all blinds at the same time.