Garden irrigation system

Setting up automatic irrigation systems is an investment in the garden. Which turns in the form of beautiful and well-groomed plants. And a beautiful looking green lawn. It is worth remembering that the garden should be looked after and cared for. And also it should be watered daily and conscientiously.

Irrigation of the garden

Watering the garden can be a pleasure, but over time it becomes a daily chore. So let’s set up an irrigation system that will water the plants automatically.

The irrigation system consists of a pipeline system located at a shallow depth below the ground. The system is equipped with many sprinkler devices. All these appliances are connected to an electronic controller. Additionally, it is possible to use weather and soil sensors that switch the system off during rain. Thanks to this automation, you do not have to worry about watering the garden or monitoring the level of septic tanks.

Currently, LEKOM can offer us:

  • Automatic watering the garden? with water dosing depending on soil moisture and plant needs.

Comfortable control and automatic water distribution guarantee its effective and economical use. Irrigation controllers enable proper irrigation of plants. For example, based on time or cycles of watering. Thanks to this, plants will receive the right amount of water even during periods of low rainfall.

  • Level monitoring of septic tanks. And GSM notification if the limit is exceeded.

Filling the tank to the alarm level causes the sound and light signal to be activated. At the same time, the device sends an SMS with a pre-programmed message to the owner.

Automatically watered grass

Automatic garden irrigation has many advantages. It limits the time needed for garden care. And allows rational use of water. Because it is fed directly to the plants in the amount they need.

The use of automatic irrigation gives at least several benefits:

  • You will set the schedule for watering the garden yourself

Irrigation is done using sprinklers that can be individually adjusted. Their goal is to provide water for the largest lawn area. The irrigation system is completely hidden underground. And visible only when sprinklers emerge during irrigation. Water is delivered exactly where it is needed.

This allows you to program automatic watering, which is to be included on fixed days at the set time. This schedule is an extremely convenient option that increases our comfort of using the home. And it also significantly reduces the time of household members.

  • You do not have to pull out garden hoses and watch over watering

Watering the garden can be convenient. And proper programming can relieve you of the obligation to manually water the plants. Thanks to this, you save time. You do not have to worry about the development of hoses and the adjustment and adjustment of sprinklers.

  • The system will water your grass any time, for example at 4 am? this is the best time to water the lawn

Programming garden irrigation overnight saves a significant amount of water. Because the water does not evaporate like in the daytime, but moisturizes the soil, reaching directly to the roots. In addition, at night there is no problem with too low water pressure. What often happens in the evening when the load on the water supply network is large.

  • The system will water each plant thanks to the use of a drip line

There are many types of irrigation available on the market? from natural, that is dogs released for several minutes. After hollow buckets all the way to different sprinklers. A drip line is a great idea for people who are looking for an economic solution.