What is a LEKOM Smart Home?

With so many solutions out there claiming to make your home smart, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

The Smart Home solution from LEKOM isn’t about complicated control panels and time consuming gadgets to turn your lights on. It simply knows what to do and takes care of thousands of tasks for You and Your family. It looks after the heating, lighting, security and more – all by itself.

Thanks to that You will have more time for your family, friends or just time for yourself to relax.

Time for something truly inteligent and so much intuitive that You will not notice. No more gadgets. Time for real Smart Home.

Next generation of smart living

Our mission is to move living in home into next stage where all time consuming tasks are done automatically and transparently for residents.

The LEKOM Smart Home adapts to suit your lifestyle. It thinks the way you do and will know to do something before you have event thought about doing it.

Simply install, configure and forget.

Magic will happen in the background and You can finally relax and rest in Your home.

Sensors – eyes and ears of your home

Human nervous system needs information from sensors to work properly.

Similarly is with smart home. In order to work and make autonomic decisions it needs to be connected with sensors network. In LEKOM our standard networks contain following sensor types:

• Motion and presence sensor,
• Temperature sensor,
• Door and window sensor,
• Smoke sensor,
• Flood sensor.

Main benefits of LEKOM smart home

• Access and control from anywhere over Internet
• Security and monitoring
• Economy – power usage optimization

Control your home

We believe that smart home should work and make decisions on its own but You can take over the control whenever you want and wherever you are.

LEKOM Touch switch

We believe in keeping essential functions in the home, like still being able to turn the lights on and off from a switch on the wall.

We tried to keep LEKOM Touch screen simple and intuitive. Contrary to the trend of home automation of adding more and more switches to each room, we have opted for a different approach that is more userfriendly.

Fewer buttons, more clarity – that’s the Lekom way. Behind simplicity we built in temperature and humidity sensors.

LEKOM Home Alarm – future of home security

We all know that security is very important. Move sensors, door and window sensors, cameras all of that builds advanced monitoring system.

But not only monitoring is making our home fully secure. In LEKOM all sensors are cooperating with other functions of the system. For example when flood was detected system will not only notify You but will try to react and close all water valves.

There are endless configuration possibilities limited only by Your imagination.

What gets measured can be managed

The LEKOM smart home gives You ability to analyze history of power consumption and temperature statistics. Will also help you to notice common patterns or suggest improvements in configuration.

For example it will show You time ranges where no one is at home and therefore temperature can be reduced, shaders can be closed and more.

Simply explore graphics and statistics in LEKOM Home Manager and optimize Your living.