Smart home design. Each home can be smart

An intelligent home is the dream of every household member. I wrote about it quite a long time in the article Smart House.

Smart home is not only a super system, but also a well-made house project. And also a good company that will undertake this task.

Each project can be intelligent

Building your own home is the dream of many of us. When planning this very important investment, we want our home to be functional. And also to provide comfort of use and give a sense of security.

Solutions that should be invested in are the so-called intelligent home installation. The concept of a smart home is based on providing the residents with maximum comfort. Reducing operating costs and ensuring the safety of household members. A smart home is a building equipped with an integrated, cohesive flexible automation system working in a communication network. It allows you to control and control all electrical devices in the most efficient and economical way for the user. At the same time, it provides the user with the possibility of extending or reconfiguring the operation of individual elements.

Home control

A smart home is the ability to control:

  • installation of central heating CO;
  • hot water heating CWU;
  • mechanical ventilation with recuperation;
  • air conditioning;
  • installation of a heat pump with exchanger;
  • installation of solar and solar panels;
  • floor heating;
  • heating a fireplace with a water jacket;
  • electrical, lighting and alarm installations,
  • installation of sprinklers or watering the garden;
  • home theater system;
  • system of external and internal blinds, blinds or awnings, opening and closing of roof windows.

It is worth mentioning that designed devices of integrated systems should be included in the design of the house, and their assembly is carried out by specialized companies, which are already very much on our market and which have different types of systems in line with European and global standards.

It is also worth taking a step-by-step look at how to design and assemble a smart home:

  1. Meeting with a company that performs the wiring of a smart home. The meeting aims to get to know the client’s expectations and budget;
  2. Meeting with an interior designer to match a shared vision;
  3. Project preparation, wiring routes and electrical points (regarding all selected elements of II – lighting, sockets, route of the main bus to all points, etc.);
  4. Implementation of wiring and assembly of devices by a good company;
  5. The company programs devices;
  6. Also, it additionally hindered family members from operating the system.

Today, smart home systems are becoming more affordable. And in the future such solutions will be widely used and even necessary.