A beautiful garden without your work

Garden in the Smart Home

The garden is a place that allows us to relax and relax after work. Design it as you like, and LEKOM will help you keep it in proper condition. You can give him tasks like watering or mowing the lawn.

Solutions tailored to your garden

Reaction to the weather

A beautiful garden requires a lot of time and effort. Imagine that when going on holiday, you do not have to worry about your plants. Automatic watering the garden will take care of the appropriate soil moisture. On the other hand, it will not lead to flooding thanks to the humidity sensor.

Mowing the lawn always on time

Mowing the lawn is pleasant – once in a while. Well, however, to take care of him regularly, then he enjoys eyes every day. Create a schedule and specify when you want it to be mowed. Thanks to integration with the weather station, add additional conditions such as dependence on rainfall or hot weather.

Garden preview

The garden preview turns out to be invaluable during the summer. Properly arranged cameras in the garden will allow you to quickly assess whether the game has not got out of control.