Gates and blinds

Manage automation of gates and blinds from your phone

Advantages of automation of gates and shutters

Daily opening and closing of shutters can be cumbersome. It can also be done by your invisible LEKOM assistant who will not only lift all the blinds at home in the morning, but also subtly shade the room in the event of a large heat.

Solutions tailored to you

An effective morning

Now every morning can be even more beautiful. Imagine that when you come down from your bedroom into the living room in the morning, all the blinds raise themselves, and the coffee maker will make a delicious coffee for you. LEKOM will put you through tedious activities that will become unnoticeable to you from now on.

A subtle alarm clock

If you are a night owl, sometimes you need to get up a little earlier. In turn, the morning skylark would like to sleep a bit longer during the weekend. Nothing easier for LEKOM. Set the alarm clock and synchronize it with the blinds in your bedroom – when the time comes, the blinds gradually rise, and the light gently wakes you up.

Return from holidays

Imagine that coming home from vacation, your home will be waiting for you with open “blinds”. How to do it? It’s easy to start the scene “return home” and all the blinds will rise, the recuperation will refresh the air and the garden alarm will be turned off.