Manage lighting with your phone

The advantages of intelligent lighting

Discover the advantages of intelligent lighting in your home controlled by the application from your phone.

Save money on electricity bills thanks to the use of modern lighting and automatic management of switching the light on and off.
Comfort of use
Lighting follows the householder, you can control the lighting by voice or automatically suppress the light at certain times.
Are you not at home? Do not worry, the system will automatically simulate your presence in the evenings, to deter potential intruders.

Examples of intelligent lighting

Lighting in the kitchen

In a modern kitchen, the lighting matches the function and the zone. If you’re cooking you need bright light above the top and the hob. In turn, looking at your favorite coffee is enough that you will have subtle lighting. LEKOM will remember your favorite lighting configuration – life becomes easier.

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Inteligentne oświetlenie sypialnia

Everything at hand

An evening round of lights extinguishing throughout the house. Who is the railway? No volunteers? Imagine that you will do it with just one click lying in your bed. Pleasant feeling, especially when the tiredness after a whole day can be felt.

Emotions like in the cinema

Favorite series with family or maybe a sports spectacle among friends. Introduce an unforgettable atmosphere by creating advanced lighting scenes and feel like at the cinema.

Inteligentne oświetlenie salon
Inteligentne oświetlenie łazienka

Light where you are

You do not have to remember to light and put out the light behind you. LEKOM will do it for you. The light will automatically switch on when you enter the bathroom and turn off when no one is in it anymore. Try and we guarantee that you will never go back to the traditional method of switching lights.

Romantic evening for two

Romantic music, dark lights, fire in the fireplace – sounds like a recipe for a romantic evening. Imagine that at the nod of your finger it will all be prepared by itself. LEKOM as an invisible assistant will take care of the technical details of the evening. However, the rest belongs to you.

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