The Smart Home is the source of your comfort

The advantages of intelligent home management

The ideal climate in your home is primarily clean and fresh air with the right temperature and humidity. All you have to do is set the temperature the way you like and set a schedule – the rest will be done by LEKOM.

More comfortt
More comfort means better air quality and the feeling that everything is going on by itself. Adjust how the temperature in your home changes to the residents' schedule.
Real savings
Real savings can be obtained by intelligently controlling heating and air conditioning: if there is no one at home, the temperature may be lower. Similarly, the case is with less frequented rooms.
Central control
You do not have to control all the systems in your home separately: recuperation, furnace or air conditioning. LEKOM integrates them into one ecosystem and provides full control.

Solutions tailored to you

Breathe in fresh air

Your home should provide good conditions for all residents. If the air or humidity sensor detects any anomalies, the system will immediately start ventilation and make sure that you and your family feel comfortable.

A pleasant return home

Imagine that you come home on a hot day and you know that the house has a perfect temperature – just to give you a break. The house will prepare itself for your return: it will turn on the air conditioning, and if necessary, close the blinds.

Party atmosphere

A family celebration or party with friends will now gain a new quality. In such situations, a higher dose of fresh air and a lower temperature will not thicken the atmosphere. Run the “party” scenario and enjoy the moment.