Multimedia and AGD

Smart Home will provide you with entertainment

Smart home and intelligent multimedia

The appliances in your home do the hard work for you. They can also become part of the LEKOM ecosystem, giving you greater control options and saving time.

Solutions tailored to you

Vacuuming when there is no one at home

Imagine that when you return home, the floors shine, and you did not even lift your finger. The automatic vacuum cleaner has done a great job. As soon as all the household members left the house, he got a signal to take out cleaning.

Birthday party

Creating an unforgettable atmosphere at a birthday party will not be a problem anymore. The “birthday” scenario will first darken all the lights, and then, when the party gets going, it will launch colored LED lights and turn on your favorite music.

Home cinema with one touch

Advanced multimedia systems have this in mind that they consist of many devices: speakers, TV, tuners, projector or video streaming devices. Launching your favorite movie is often a sequence of several activities and juggling with pilots. Thanks to the LEKOM integration capabilities, one button can start the selected series immediately. It remains to make popcorn and relax.