The Smart House will take care of your safety

Security in Smart Home

Provide greater security for your family. In emergency situations, we think first of all about our loved ones, about whether they are safe. Do not let anxiety about your family’s health and care for your belongings accompany you every day. Thanks to LEKOM devices, you can be sure that you are on the pulse because your house will react immediately to a dangerous situation.

House secured against theft during your absence.
Keep an eye on everything
Monitoring helps to find out if everything is in the best order.
No failure is terrible
Burned baked goods or water leakage will be detected early enough not to cause much havoc. Your LEKOM will inform you about everything.

Solutions tailored to you

Faster than lightning – warnings about fire and smoke

Smoke from burned baked goods or maybe short circuit and fire – protect yourself against any event by installing smoke detectors throughout the house. LEKOM will send notifications to all members of the household and activate the alarm siren, and if necessary call the emergency services.

Immediate detection of a water leak

Properly placed flood sensor will detect water in undesirable places, send a signal to the solenoid valve to turn off the water supply – a quick response is valuable to limit the effects.

Access for trusted people

The courier is waiting with a package, and nobody is at home? No problem, the videophone will redirect the call to your phone and you will be able to talk to the courier and ask him to leave the package in the garage.

Future alarm

We all know that safety is very important. Sensors and cameras build an advanced monitoring system. In LECH, all sensors work together to intelligently protect your home and give you an accurate picture of what is happening.