Safe house

Do you want your home to be always safe? Even when you are outside of it and can not see everything in person? It is worth equipping the house with modern, electronic security devices. Such electronic monitoring devices protect your home against thieves and other emergency situations. The Vedas, when you are not at home, you can:

  • You can make sure that your child has safely returned from school;
  • You can see what your pet does. When you are not around;
  • You can supervise the renovation progress in your home;
  • In the case of burglary? camera with motion detection will activate SMS, e-mail and in-app notification, record a thief and save the recording on a secure server;
  • You have access to recordings from your smartphone, tablet, computer and the ability to save them on your own carrier.

A good alarm system

House in addition to castles, windows and doors with a high burglary resistance class. And a decent fence, should also have an alarm system installed.

It is best to remember about such an alarm system while designing a home. Thanks to this, it will be protected during construction. Where this type of installation has not been done before, nothing prevents you from installing it now.

Good locks and anti-burglar doors are definitely an essential element of home protection. Even if the house is off the beaten track. Or the entrance to it is not clearly visible from the street. A burglar can calmly work on their attack. And sooner or later you will get inside. The way to make it more difficult is to equip the house with an alarm system. The very information that the house is protected by an alarm is sufficient to discourage potential burglars.

Modern alarm systems are equipped with wired and wireless systems.

  • Wired alarms are considered more robust, because it is more difficult to disrupt their work. Only that their installation requires interference in the structure of the building. Hence, it is better to plan it at the stage of building a house or flat. Alternatively, do it on the occasion of a major renovation.
  • Wireless alarms do not require construction work. But good quality. Advanced solutions of this type are more expensive than the wired versions. No cabling is required in such a system. Alarm assembly is extremely simple and fast. What makes it ideal for objects already finished. And the possibility of self-assembly further reduces the cost of such a solution.

The alarm can also be additionally equipped with other types of sensors, for example:

  • Magnetic detectors? installs in doors and windows? they initiate an alarm when the window or door is opened;
  • Glass break detectors? they are installed near the windows, they are helpful in the situation of brutal forcing of windows by breaking the glass;
  • Gas detectors can be installed together with carbon monoxide detectors. And also with a smoke detector, improving the safety of household members.

Monitoring in a detached house

Good home security is the foundation for the safety and well-being of the household. The most common and associated system of this type is the alarm installation. Mainly consisting of indoor motion sensors. And also a keyboard at the door and with an alarm device on the wall.

Such an alarm system is designed to respond to alarm events. Such as opening doors and windows, the movement of people in the field of their vision. And also breaking windows, destroying doors. In the event of an irregularity, this system is to notify the named entity of the event. That is, the owner via the telephone line, the cellular network. And over the Internet or object protection.

It is a set of devices cooperating with each other, which detect burglary and signal it, usually with light signaling and sharp sound.